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Best winter movies on Disney Plus: rug up under your doona with these cool flicks ...

TechRadar 24 Jun 2021
Ice Age ... We're talking, of course, about Ice Age ... human child to its family in the midst of an encroaching Ice Age ... From the director of Independence Day and 2012 comes the climate-disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, in which planet Earth is plunged into a new ice age.

Ice-age humans stabbed a cave bear through the head 35,000 years ago. Researchers just found ...

Business Insider 24 Jun 2021
Although previous research has shown that humans targeted other types of cave bears, this is the first evidence that they hunted small cave bears during the last ice age ... Previous research has found that ice-age hunters pursued large cave bears, but the new study offers possibly the first direct evidence that humans also hunted small cave bears.

Find great new reads at ACPL

Crossville Chronicle 22 Jun 2021
Great New Books ... The Ice Lion (The Rewilding Reports) by Kathleen O’Neal Gear. The Sea Lion people struggle to survive amid a dangerous ice age ... Meanwhile, young, bold woman Quiller fights to follow him while discovering strange new truths about their world’s history ... Leftover coffee can be poured into ice cube trays to use for iced coffee drinks.

Homo Sapiens African Migration Occurred When the Climate Was Good

Ancient Origins 18 Jun 2021
But new research published in the journal Communications, Earth & Environment by geographer Frank Schäbitz from the University of Cologne and several colleagues has called this idea into question ... Among other effects, continuing alterations in the Earth’s orbit will bring on another Ice Age at some point.

Alden Graves | Graves registry: The right to be wrong

Bennington Banner 16 Jun 2021
Ice ages ago, I saw a show in New York called “Skyscraper.” It was an enjoyable if not particularly memorable musical, except for its star, Julie Harris (yes, that Julie Harris!), and a great song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn called “Everybody Has a Right to Be Wrong.” I ...

Green agenda is not about bike stations — it’s about life on Earth

Irish Independent 13 Jun 2021
Mine is probably the first Irish generation to grow up with regular exposure to visions of climate chaos ... Textbooks presented the end of our planet as ice caps melting and everything on fire — not at the same time, presumably. Hollywood told us Jake Gyllenhaal would go from promising nerd to swashbuckling hero of the new Ice Age ... Dublin Eye ... .

Michigan’s indigenous tribes ramp up efforts to shut down oil pipeline through sacred waters

Michigan Live 13 Jun 2021
Fletcher said the presence of artifacts dating back to the Ice Age bolsters the cultural significance of the Straits of Mackinac. “That generates a whole new area of analysis that prior to that moment the state and the federal government could ignore,” Fletcher said ... Possible Ice Age artifacts ignored by Line 5 tunnel survey, archeologist says.

Timaru's mayor makes case for Antarctic Scott Base build

RNZ 12 Jun 2021
Timaru's mayor is vying for the district to be at the centre of New Zealand's new Antarctic build, 3723km south of the Canterbury town ... Budget to rebuild the ageing Scott Base. The buildings and a new windfarm will be constructed off the ice before being shipped to Antarctica.

From the Right: the religion of climate change has several false prophets

Leesburg Daily Commercial 11 Jun 2021
The Boston Globe reported in April 1970 that air pollution may obliterate the Sun creating a new ice age in the first third of the next century, the time frame in which we are now living ... Rasool of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, who also predicted in the early 1970s that a new ice age was coming.

Strange Hole in 35,000-year-old Russian Bear Skull Stumps Scientists

Ancient Origins 10 Jun 2021
A Russian Ice Age cave bear skull was found with a small hole at the back of its head ... The last Ice Age , which sanded down mountains, created new rivers, and entirely changed the face of our planet, occurred during the Pleistocene period, between 2.8 million years ago and 11,700 years ago.

Futuristic Battlefield 2042 Out In October, Supports 128 Players

Kotaku 09 Jun 2021
The rumors were true. The next Battlefield game, Battlefield 2042, is set in the future, EA announced during a digital showcase today that started after a “countdown to a countdown.” A gameplay reveal is scheduled for June 13 ... Battlefield 2142, released in 2006, takes place during a futuristic cold war set amid the backdrop of a new ice age ... ....

Animal survives after 24,000 years frozen in Siberian permafrost

Sandhills Express 08 Jun 2021
Bringing back pieces of the Ice Age to combat climate change ...Completely preserved” ice age bear mummy emerges from Russia’s melting permafrost Releasing herds of animals into the Arctic could help fight climate change, study finds This image shows a rotifer under a microscope.

Still doing fine at 109: Hesperia’s Beatrice Pruitt celebrates another landmark birthday

Daily Press Victorville 05 Jun 2021
Periodically, we see High Desert residents turn 100 or any significant age beyond that particular milestone, and they are certainly to be congratulated ... — wore a hand-made, braided necklace announcing her new age, and she enjoyed custom-designed cookies, with an iced "B" on some and “109” on others.

NASA’s Mars Insight research gets energy

Swords Today 04 Jun 2021
Scientists have long known episodes of widespread hypoxia in the North Pacific at the end of the last ice age, when ice sheets melted and freshwater flowed into the oceans in large numbers ... Even the huge dead area along the Mississippi River compared to the widespread hypoxia that occurred in the North Pacific at the end of the last ice age.

Antarctica wasn't quite as cold during the last ice age as previously thought

Phys Dot Org 03 Jun 2021
A study of two methods for reconstructing ancient temperatures has given climate researchers a better understanding of just how cold it was in Antarctica during the last ice age around 20,000 years ago. Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth today, was even colder during the last ice age.

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